Friday, September 2, 2011

Viaggi Internazionali

Just about a half hour ago, while perusing a few of my old Facebook photos, reminiscing about last year's college antics and missing my friends, I received a message. The sender was one of my friends here in Rome. It was a long message, but for you, I'll paraphrase: it contained details regarding a cruise of the Amalfi Coast (which comes at a very modest price!). I nearly squealed. Translation? Yes, I am going.

International travel seems to be today's theme; this morning, following our Italian classes, five of my friends and I sat down in an empty classroom and planned out four months of trips to Italian cities and towns and to other European countries. A list that initially contained places like Germany, Belgium, the UK (specifically London), France (Paris), and Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) ended in a far more appealing group of Ireland, the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and the Czech Republic (Prague) for fall break, with weekend trips around Italy (a long one for Sicily/Palermo), Switzerland, and Greece (Santorini). If we can afford all of this and the first flight doesn't scare me into staying in Ireland for the rest of the semester, I will be totally excited, pumped, jazzed, and possibly even stoked.

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